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John 6:35: Then Jesus declared, "I am the bread of life. He who comes to me will never go hungry, and he who believes in me will never be thirsty.”

- Contd from Part 3
God showed me through a Butterfly analogy the path I had come and told me that it was now time to for me to move out of my “comfort zone”. He then taught me a valuable lesson that every believer needs to know before setting out for Ministry.
As mentioned in Part 1, I always wanted to share the love of Jesus with others but never got the opportunity to work in the Christian Ministry. So I decided to create opportunities by sharing links to certain posts of my blog whenever I saw an opportunity. I was truly doing it for Him and not for me. My motives were right but God showed me that even sharing His Love had to be done in submission to His timings. He taught me that my wrestle was not against flesh and blood but against evil powers and so I needed to move with spiritual discernment if I was to avoid casualty in Spiritual Warfare.

Believer, I share this lesson I learnt so that you could avoid the same mistake. In my zeal to share the love of God, often I used to try hard to find common ground with each person I met. My reaching out was never for myself but because of my love for Him. Through verses like Mathew 7:6 and vs 20 He taught me that I was to be asking God even who I should share the precious Word of God with. True, each person is precious to God but we have no time to waste with the wicked (those who enjoy their sin and deliberately refuse to repent ). God Himself turns His face away from them and asks us also to in  Eph 5:11

God explained to me within seconds something that had been troubling me for a long time –and that is why there was such strong rejection every time Christians try to do good even with pure motives and in love? The reason is because it is not us they are rejecting, but Christ in us. We can understand this better with an illustration. Suppose a  person is sitting in a dark room and enjoys the dark. If we go to Him with a light, it will disturb him and He may even get angry with us and ask us to leave but maybe if we went and sat with him in the dark, he would not oppose us.  The reason is that we are not his problem; the light is. The same thing happens while we go to a person who is living in darkness (sin). For those who want to be in the dark, the opposition to light is ONLY natural- He taught me how we need to wash our hands off the wicked (the deliberately unrepentant)and feed the hungry (the repentant who need God in their lives) for as Mathew 9:34 says "The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.”

Friends, we just need to stop trying hard , instead let us enjoy our lives in Him always ready and available and submitted to His leading. After all when it’s all been said and done, what truly matters is NOT HOW MUCH WE DID FOR HIM but HOW MUCH HE DID THROUGH US!       - To be contd Click here for PART 5 TOUCH ME NOT TO FORGET ME NOT

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