Saturday, September 22, 2018

Shine your bright light, no matter how dark the night!!!

Hi friends,
Hope you are all doing well. This week I'd like to share something someone reminded me. Often in life we are overwhelmed by a million and one demands pulling us in a thousand directions. How do we react at such times? In order to be really happy, we ought to go hand in hand with life. Often however, we find ourselves in this mad race trying to catch up with this crazy life....At such times, it is essential to remember to be like that unshakeable lighthouse that shines its light brightly no matter how dark the night,how stormy the sea,how unruly the turbulence. Another thing  I was told was that though we have a fixed thought in our mind often we know what to do and may be  even doing it, when suddenly there comes a situation or person, a distraction from what we are doing. Out of sympathy or out of empathy or out of mere necessity, we may get distracted, maybe frustrated and then irritated, unable to continue what we  were doing coz of the demands that are beckoning to us in many forms and in many directions. We may then just cave in and give up.Talk about good intentions gone astray!
Often we may even unknowingly find our peaceful selves pulled into the chaos of another person and then wonder why we have lost our peace. We should not allow anyone or anything to steal our peace no matter what!
The best example for this would be in Mark 4:35-41 where we see how the peacefully sleeping Jesus was suddenly awakened (by His terror stricken disciples) to a ferocious storm. One look at the disciples fear- filled expressions  and hearing their terrified cries should have upset him, but He was not one to allow the storm around him to enter into Him. Instead He just spoke to that which was not alright and set it right. The perfect picture of tranquility in the midst of the storm. He knew who He was (Identity) & whose He was (Sonship).That explains His calm reaction to the troublesome waves and howling wind that He saw and heard.
We ought to follow the perfect example of our Wonderful Lord. Is there a storm raging against you or someone you know and care about, remember , we talk to the storm and not allow the storm to tell us it's lies. We should keep a serene and calm disposition no matter what the people around us are doing or saying. Sometimes instead of circumstances, it may be the people who are trying to ruffle our feathers with slander or gossip but the real question is , how will we react to this even when we know that we are innocent? As long as we are doing the best we know that we can, we can rest assured that "He will not let us be tested beyond the limit that we can bear" -1 Corin 10:13

The best thing to do in such situations when chaos is calling out to you is to pause / just breathe and do the one thing needful- and that is to go to the Master's feet and sit like Mary did (in Luke 10:42) & draw wisdom & strength from Him to carry on.It is His promise that He will give us rest.
Sharing with you a song that tells us exactly this. Hope you enjoy it!

Just breathe by Johny Diaz

Have a blessed week!
Take care, God bless,


Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Grace has got us!!!

Hi friends,
This week I'd like to share a beautiful song that I came across. I think it in a peppy manner tells us exactly what Grace is.
What is Grace? It is unmerited favor.When we know for sure that it wasn't us that accomplished something, we know that we don't deserve one bit of the credit that comes, that is when we say it's His favor or His Grace and mercy alone.
We see in 2 Corinthians 12:9 that "His Grace is sufficient for us." That's the reason why we appear totally as if we got away with something sometimes, it may even appear unjust to some onlooker who may say ,how on earth did he get that??? that's when we say Grace got me. That's the reason we hum the tune long after the song is over,sing loud enough for the back row to hear, glide coz walking would not be enough, dance even if we don't know how to.We laugh till our sides ache and smile coz we know we got away with something not because we deserved it but bcoz He chose for us to have it!Strange and peculiar we may seem to them but that's alright....we are after all according to 1 Peter 2:9 "a chosen generation,a royal priesthood ,a holy nation,a peculiar people who should show forth the praises of Him who has called us out of darkness into His marvellous light."
Sharing the link to this awesome song GRACE GOT YOU by Mercy Me (with rapping by John Reuben)

So next time things are tough, just remember that its only a matter of time...Grace has got us!
Have a wonderful week,