Sunday, May 19, 2013


Hi friends,

Hope you all are doing fine. It’s been a while and I’m happy to have something to share with you today.How can we make Jesus the Centre of our Life?
Often as we go up the path of life and grow up, we reach a stage where we take a hard look at ourselves and suddenly nothing seems so sure and certain. As new challenges and struggles arise, we may even look at ourselves in the mirror knowing that we have reached our limit as the Goliath in our life seems so insurmountable. In spite of numerous past victories, we may even suddenly shrink back intimidated by unfamiliar territory. It is often by over analyzing and reasoning that we are paralyzed into inaction. Past experiences and anxious thoughts often play on our minds and we are tempted into backing off or leaving the opportunity on the shelf for some other day when we are stronger. But the truth is that we may never get that chance again. And that open door is now closed. Who knows it may have been the passage into all that we have been believing God and praying for!

What then is the remedy or the way out? How can we avoid missing these chances because we feel we are not ready ? I would like to share with you these verses that spoke to me just this morning. 2 Chronicles 32:7,8 7 “Be strong and courageous; do not be afraid nor dismayed before the king of Assyria, nor before all the multitude that is with him; for there are more with us than with him. 8 With him is an arm of flesh; but with us is the Lord our God, to help us and to fight our battles.” And the people were strengthened by the words of Hezekiah king of Judah.

Here are a few things that came to mind as I meditated on these words that spoke to my heart.

1)There is no denying that the battle is real and the enemy army is mighty. Even when we face our Goliaths in life we need to accept the truth that we are no match for them in our own strength. But the good news is that we are looking at Jesus ability ,not ours and so it really doesn’t matter how able we are or not!

2) “With him is an arm of flesh” meaning, they are just humans, but we have supernatural assistance with us. It does not make sense when we think with our logic or reasoning as we are talking about help in the spiritual realm which may not be seen with our physical eyes.

3)”It is the Lord who will help us and fight our battles.” We need to be in position and believe His Word that He will fight for us. That may often require us to take a step in faith and obey Him even when we do not feel like it. God always honors those who put their trust in Him. He just cannot ignore a person who is full of faith in Him.

4)In reality, we may feel we do not have what it takes to win but the truth is that God does not need our ability only our availability and our obedience. He will do the rest.

5) While on earth, there will be numerous battles one after the other. Life becomes so much easier for us when we make Jesus the centre of our lives. That way we can be sure of the victory all the time! Let Him be glorified each and every time. “He must increase and I must decrease.”

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Sparky Laurie