Tuesday, September 13, 2011


This post is for those of us Christians who long to be put to the Master’s use. Many times in life we may wonder why God who loves us all impartially speaks only to some and answers the prayers of some more quickly than others. Today I’d like to explain why this is so with a picture that comes to mind:
Just suppose we wanted to pour some wine into a vessel, we go to the kitchen and take 5 identical jars:
 1)    1 st jar is already filled with oil till the brim.
2)     2nd jar  is  half filled with oil.
3)    3rd jar is half filled with water.
4)    4th  jar is empty but not washed and so unfit for use.
5)    5th jar is empty,washed and ready for use.

This is very similar to our Spiritual lives. God wants to bless each and every one of us His children with every spiritual blessing. Yet the problem is not with Him but with us. Let us understand by taking each of the 5 jars one by one:
1)    The 1st jar was too full for the Master’s Use- not necessarily with bad things but still full. This refers to our getting too busy in life- doing this and that and many good things too but when God comes to  bless us, we are not able to make space for Him because our lives are too tightly packed.

2)    The 2nd jar is half filled,there is some space but if we pour wine into it, it will not be fit for drinking. It will in fact render useless even the oil that already is in it- This refers to those who half heartedly try to seek God but are actually filled with worldly logic and reasoning. They may be the successful people of the world but just like the oil and wine mixture is useless, such mixed up Christians are useless both to the world and to God. They are unable to take a stand about any one thing. There is no middle way- either  God or the world - we have to choose.

3)    The 3rd jar half filled with water refers to those Christians who have a simple life and not necessarily as worldly as the 2nd category but they are half filled and so even if we pour wine into this jar, the wine will be diluted and will lose its flavor,fragrance and taste.

4)    The 4th jar is empty but not clean and so even if wine is poured it will be made impure by the smell or traces of  the substance that earlier was in the vessel. These refers to the Christians who have emptied themselves but  are not yet sanctified by the water of the Holy Spirit which is the anointing of God and so are unfit for use.

5)    The 5th jar is empty,washed and ready  As long as the vessel is open, there is no guarantee that the vessel will be 100% pure all of the time as some dust or dirt may fall on it. So there must be a daily cleansing involved in order for the vessel to be ready for use and when the wine is poured in, it will carry the color, the fragrance ,flavor and the sweet taste of the Wine that is poured. The same is applicable to us too when we live in this fallen world, we may also become polluted but  as we undergo a daily sanctification by the waters of the Holy Spirit, God will cleanse us and pour out His blessings on us and our lives will be filled with new meaning and purpose and we will become more like Christ each day.

It always encourages me that God doesn’t want our fullness but our emptiness, He wants to fill us and make us whole. He doesn’t want us to get our act together and then come to Him. He has already sent us the detergent to wash away the stubborn stains of our sins and that is the pure blood of Jesus and the water is His Holy Spirit. Only a willing obedient heart is what He looks for.

Enjoy this Powerful Video : What can wash away my stain? NOTHING BUT THE BLOOD OF JESUS.

 Have a blessed week,
Take care, God bless,
Sparky Laurie

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