Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Hi friends,
These have been days of quiet meditation and reflection for me and that may come across in what I share with you today .This post is a little different and may even be a little deep but I believe that as I honestly share what I learn with you,it may help someone as it is always good to be prepared in life. So, just go ahead and enjoy this Special post ....
Friend, if you could make ONE LAST WISH  before your life was over? What would you wish for ? WHAT WOULD YOUR ONE DESIRE BE?
What could we wish for in this world so filled with insecurity, loneliness, darkness, turmoil, confusion, pain, sickness and sorrow? I have no  clue as to what you could safely wish for and die ......  However, I certainly do know what I would wish for : My One Desire would definitely be the Presence of  the Lord Jesus ;The ANSWER to all  the above given problems in life - He is our ROCK in insecurity, Our BEST FRIEND in loneliness, Our LIGHT in the darkness, Our PEACE in the unrest, Our GUIDANCE through the chaos, Our COMFORT in Pain and our HEALTH in Sickness, Our JOY in Sorrow. 

 JESUS is undoubtedly the ONE THING TO DESIRE in LIFE.
Sharing the heart stirring lyrics of this beautiful song ‘ONE DESIRE’ by Lenny Le blanc. Hope you enjoy it! 
If I could have One Desire
Before my life is through
Even in my darkest night
My life would shine for You
If I could stop the hands of time
Or make a wish come true
I would tell my heart to burn with fire
For no one else but You
This is my One Desire
You are my Saving Grace
Anchor of my soul
In a world that's turned upside down
I want you to know….. Chorus:
You are my Faithful Friend
The One that I lean on
You always understand
With all that I am
I'll give you the deepest devotion I know
With all of my strength
I won't let You go
As I look to You above
I will give You all my love….. Chorus:

Take care, God bless,
Sparky Laurie