Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"Am I that easy to forget ?" NO you aren't - TRIBUTE TO JIM REEVES

Hi friends,
I was just listening to some songs by one of the greatest singers and songwriters of all time Jim Reeves (1923-1964).The lyrics of his songs are so full of beauty & truth and his voice is soothing and smooth. More than anything we can sense his homesickness for heaven and a deep longing to be with the Lord.He finally was taken home at the young age of 40 in a private plane crash.
Do enjoy these lovely songs:

1) THE FLOWERS,THE SUNSET,THE TREES:  This lovely song is about how he tells us his certainty that there is a God when he looks at the Perfection in Creation.

2) WE THANK THEE:  This has been my most favourite one right from my childhood. I love the tune and also how beautifully Jim Reeves draws pictures from Nature of things for us to be grateful to God.

3) I'D RATHER HAVE JESUS : This song is about how Jim confesses that he would rather choose JESUS than wealth,possessions,fame,applause or anything else that the world had to offer.

4) MY CATHEDRAL - The lyrics of this song leaves me spell bound . A must hear - it starts like this : "My cathedral has a ceiling of blue neath the sky "and goes on to tell us how he worships the Lord in the Cathedral of Nature.

5) A BEAUTIFUL LIFE : Through this song ,Jim gives us the message about how we should fill our short life here on earth with deeds of kindness and bring joy to those around. He has surely lived this song- PRAISE GOD FOR HIS BEAUTIFUL LIFE!

 6) BUT YOU LOVE ME DADDY : A heart touching song of a Father's Unconditional Love for his 5 year old Son. It is so cute how it is so ingrained in the little child that HIS DADDY LOVES HIM NO MATTER WHAT! God's love for us is just like this!

7) ACROSS THE BRIDGE : This song is a reminder to us that the pains and sorrows of this life are momentary and that there is a greater Glory coming - a land "across the river"where there will be no sorrow,no pain and we will never be unhappy again. 

8) HAVE THINE OWN WAY LORD : This is a song that talks about a Full Surrender to the Lord and how we are the Clay and He is the Potter shaping us into a useful vessel for Him.

9) WHISPERING HOPE : This song is above the soft gentle comforting voice of HOPE that asks us to Wait till the midnight is over and watch for the breaking of day.

10) I'LL FLY AWAY :  This song is an upbeat song that fills us with the joyful hope of RAPTURE and being with the Lord one day.

Hope you enjoyed this post which is my TRIBUTE to this Legend of a Man who has blessed the lives of so many of us and continues to do so!

Have a great day!
Take care, God bless,
Sparky Laurie