Thursday, August 4, 2011


Hi there,
Just sharing a lovely poem I came across. It is about the FRUITS OF THE SPIRIT mentioned in Gal 5: 22-23. Hope you enjoy it!

Walking in the Spirit means living every day
Looking up to Jesus and following His way.
And when I give Him all of me
Just like a mighty tree--
My actions will become sweet fruit
For all the world to see.
Galatians 5 lists all nine fruits
The Spirit wants to grow
And if you read them for yourself
You will be sure to know
That LOVE comes first--the kind you choose,
Not feelings you may lose,
But actions that show sacrifice,
And branch out the Good News.
And then comes JOY, that you can hold
No matter what life brings
It's the Song of all God's promises
The glad heart daily sings.
Sweet PEACE comes next, a quiet heart
Though life may twist and turn,
PATIENCE shows it wants no part
Of sparks that quickly burn.
KINDNESS is an active fruit
It treats others with care
The love of Jesus is the root
That spreads it everywhere.
GOODNESS knows and does what's right--
Its actions match God's teaching
It spreads His shining, perfect light
Into a dark world reaching.
FAITHFULNESS is like a rock,
A firm and steady friend
Who never leaves you hanging--
But is loyal to the end.
GENTLENESS is tender strong.
It turns the other cheek.
It rarely ruffles when it's wronged.
(It's a synonym for "meek.")
And then at last, fruit number nine,
(Its growth requires practice).
It doesn't lash out, pout, or whine,
Or prickle like a cactus.
It doesn't need to over-dine
Or lick clean the ice cream bowl;
For with the Spirit/Helper, you can have fruit
When you put the nine together,
A fruit salad you will make
That proves to all the world your life
Is lived for Jesus' sake!
- Janine Tomlin

Have a great weekend!
Take care,God bless,
Sparky Laurie