Thursday, September 19, 2013


Hi friends,

Today I would like to share some thoughts from the passage Mark 10:46-52 in which we read about how Jesus healed blind Bartimaeus.

1)Bartimeaus was sitting beside the road as Jesus went by (vs 46)- He was in a place that ensured that he would meet Jesus. Many times when we want answers from the Lord we must be found in the place where the Lord is present in all His glory and that is in the House of God where God inhabits the praises of His people.

2)Bartimaeus on hearing that Jesus was nearby began to shout out “Jesus Son of David have mercy on me”(vs 47)- Blind Bartimaeus could not see in order to follow Jesus and so he did what he could and that was to shout out in all sincerity and brokenness. When we need a miracle from the Lord, we need to focus on the Lord and call upon Him in the best way that we can.

3)Some of the people yelled at him to be quiet, but Bartimaeus only shouted louder(vs 48)- Even when we make efforts, there may be people who will criticize or discourage us but that should only make us to trust in the Lord and try harder.

4)When Jesus heard him, He stopped and asked them to tell him to come(vs 49a)- Praise God that we have a Lord who stops when we cry out to Him and calls us closer to Him.

5)The people told him to cheer up as Jesus was calling him(vs 49b)- The very same people who had yelled at him to be quiet were now asking him to cheer up as the Lord had called him. Many times we too may get discouraged in our circumstances especially when criticized but it is the Lord who will call us to Himself if we keep on calling on His name.

6)Bartimaeus threw aside his coat, jumped up and came to Jesus(vs 50)- Bartimaeus was so hopeful that he threw aside that which he had from the past and he jumped up with joy and went to Jesus. So must we let go off the past and step forward into that which God has for us.

7)Jesus asked him “What do you want me to do for you?”(vs 51)- Jesus very well knew that Bartimaeus was blind and so would like to be healed of his blindness but still He asks this question to him and also to us as He wants us to be specific and full of faith when we pray(ask Him for our miracle).

8)And instantly he received his sight and accompanied Jesus on the road(vs 52)-After Bartimaeus received his healing, he was able to do something that he was not able to do before and that was to accompany Jesus on the road. After we receive our miracle, the Lord empowers us with His anointing to do that which we couldn’t have done before.

Thus from the above mentioned points we can learn that for our miracle to take place, how very important perseverance, faith and obedience to the Lord is.

In conclusion, let us ask the Lord to open the eyes of our heart so that we will be able to see Him in all of our lives.


Have an awesome week!